My bad dreams linger… but I wouldn’t expect anything else…
— Captain America #618 (Vol. 1)

Title: UnknownTime to Heal
Artist: UnknownJulia Jones
Album: Unknown
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A post 3b song. Hope you all like it !

I describe my personal style as grandma chic. Urban Outfitters has quite a bit in stock. I also love classic lines and hour glass shapes.

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Cats have the greatest emoticon faces ever.

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Hanni’s Intense Dressing Sequence:  The Highlights

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the true gay icons

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sorrow found me when i was young

sorrow waited / sorrow won

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haha, ok, i imagined some dragons, now what

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FW 2014 RTW | Blumarine

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#clothing ref
Anonymous: "did you draw that from scratch, or like use his picture to paint over it? (using layers etc)"

I used a ref, but I didn’t paint over anything :)

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#is it me or do they look like evil murder twins there #w lydia advising Stiles on something (via wolfbad)


"Go for the throat," she says, breath hot on his jaw and her hand a ground against the high of it, the fear and the lust and the electric hum of adrenaline coursing through his trembling limbs.

But Lydia’s hand is steady, her touch light despite its profound presence. It’s not a comfort. Comfort isn’t something they give lightly, not even to each other. Comfort is a luxury that can only be earned. Taken. Stolen, even, in the quiet hours before dawn, but never given.

Peter taught them well. Nothing is free.

Instead, that touch serves as a reminder — of his training, of their struggle, of what it will mean if he can finally do this. What they could become.

We could be free, he thinks, so softly because even to think it feels like a jinx. Even to give it an inner voice could be too much.

If Peter ever guessed… if he even dreamed of the possibility…

Stiles rolls his shoulders, pushes away the fear until his mind was as empty as the clearing, as cold and pure as the snow.

"No," he answers. "Up and under the ribs."

Straight for the heart.

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Derek Hale Speedpaint - 70 minutes.

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Anonymous: "hello! I saw your derek speed paint (amaaazing btw) and was wondering what program/brush settings you used for it? thank you!"

I downloaded a ton of brushes from deviantart AGES ago, so I don’t really know sorry. I use photoshop and change the brush opacity a lot? If that helps? I switch between 40% and 80% most of the time. I also don’t have pen pressure = size on most of the time. Just pen pressure = opacity. I

(Thank you)

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Anonymous: "your derek hale speed painting is freaking just... wow. it's so amazing i'm at a loss of words ^-^."

this is such a nice thing to wake up to! Thank you <3

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